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Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

We collaborate with other farmers in our area to promote the sector. Openness and excellent service are our main values. Growing in production and new varieties. We market our production of essential oils and oil diffusers in national and international markets.

Address: Casa Alta 114, Campo, 30440 Moratalla, Murcia, Spain

Esencias Martínez Lozano

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

At the beginning of 1960, Antonio Martínez Lozano began his activity in the world of essential oils. It began with the assistance of auctions of exploitation of mounts that were made at that time, where all the oils that were produced in Spain were of wild origin. We were pioneers in obtaining the 834/2007 certification for organic farming and the NOP Certification, the market for organic essential oils diffusers being one of the most relevant for us.

Address: Ctra. de Lorca, 30400, Murcia, Spain

Labdassence Oil diffuser

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Labdassence was established in 2011 by professionals with a long track record in essential oils and oil diffusers. Right from the start, our main goal has been to supply top-quality products to the market, always maintaining their natural properties.

We love our business and have been working for over 25 years with great enthusiasm and dedication. Our track record proves that we can select the highest quality essential oils and provide the best service to our customers from all five continents, who show their appreciation by relying on us and maintaining their loyalty, making us feel increasingly proud of our work.

Address: Calle Antonio Gómez Millán, nº 29-31, Parque Tecnológico Citec, 41120 Gelves, Sevilla, Spain

Ernesto Ventós S.A. Oil Diffusers

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Ernesto Ventós Casadevall (1894-1933) started his company of Spanish essential oils distillation in 1916. The following years saw the consolidation of his company which subsequently expanded to include the production of a number of derivatives and the representation in Spain of several important foreign companies.

Address: Ctra. Reial, 120B, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain

AW Artisan S.L.

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Main Products:  aroma diffusers, humidifiers, air purifiers, and essential oil. reed diffusers

Company Profile:

At AW Artisan we are passionate about oil diffusers and we believe that enthusiasm is important. Since 1995 we have been passionate about offering the best in wholesale gifts to our customers, both in Europe and around the world. We want to let you know that we have customer service dedicated to your attention.

Address: C. Castelao, 40, 29004 Málaga, Spain

VOS Pure Essence Oil Diffusers

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Main Products: Smart Home devices, Aroma Diffuser, Smart Home solutions, Electronic products.

Company Profile:

Do you know how to choose oil diffusers? Is it difficult for you to choose? Here we make it easy for you! We classify the products by solutions because we want to take care of your essence. Review our ways of use that will help you get the most out of every drop.

Address: Carrer de Guillem Sorolla, 20, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain

Natura Premium Oil diffuser

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Main Products:  Aroma Diffuser, pure essential oils, and oil diffuser

Company Profile:

We are constantly evolving, and slowly but surely, our goal is to continue incorporating products that meet your oil and oil diffuser needs. To do this, in addition to the market news and our imagination, we have the suggestions that you can make us. After all, without you, we have no reason to exist.

Address: Av. de Andalucía, 25, 29651 Las Lagunas de Mijas, Málaga, Spain

Perfumarte San Vicente Oil Diffuser

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

We provide high-quality perfumery and oil diffuser inspired by major trends, natural cosmetics, and ambient products.

Address: ​​C. de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 110, 46007 València, Valencia, Spain

Linda Vuela A Río

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Main Products: oil diffuser, Aroma Diffuser Elegance, and Soaps

Company Profile:

Linda Vuela A Río is a perfume and cosmetics, oil diffuser supplier in Spain. Order online today.

Address: Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 31, 46005 València, Valencia, Spain

Instituto Fitológico Oil Diffuser

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Instituto Fitológico is a company that was set up in 1971, in Barcelona, that has been manufacturing vegetable-based products, plant extracts, essential oils, oil diffusers, and essences. perfumes and flavors for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrifood, dieting, animal feed, veterinary and farming industries for over 50 years. We work using natural and bio-ecological processes with over 300 plants and many different finishes to meet our customers’ requirements.

Address: C/ Cases Noves s/n Castellví de la Marca 08732 BARCELONA, Spain


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