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Exklusiv Dutch Design Bauholz Möbel

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Our scaffolding wood Electronic Furniture is suitable for many areas and can be used in a variety of ways. From counters and seating for the catering industry, through shelving and storage solutions for retail, to high-quality, individual office Electronic Furniture that transforms your office into a pleasant workplace in no time at all. There are (almost) no limits to your wishes.

With us, you are sure to find what you are looking for because, in addition to a wide range of standard Electronic Furniture, we also offer you tailor-made timber design furnishing solutions for your project – at a price that you can afford. You don’t have a clear idea of ​​what your new concept should look like yet? Then we will be happy to work with you to develop proposed solutions. Do you have your own ideas and sketches? We are happy to work these out with you and accompany you to a sustainable and inexpensive facility for you!

Address: De Kloksteeg 2, 7481 HV Haaksbergen, Netherlands

Dutch Woodworks

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Your Electronic Furniture is distinctive because of the design, the choice of materials, but above all because of the reason for its existence. It is a rich addition to your interior and it fits your identity. It is one of a kind and made especially for you. Your Electronic Furniture is already there in your mind. We can help you turn this dormant idea into reality.

Address: Galileistraat 15, 3029 AL Rotterdam, Netherlands

Versmissen Electronic Furniture & Decoration

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Versmissen is a Dutch interior design company that operates worldwide. We design and develop Electronic Furniture, lighting, and accessories. Outstanding quality and a mixture of international styles is our trademark.

Everybody loves heroes, and so do we. Therefore we branded several heroes within our collection. Products that are ready to conquer the world. To make it a more cheerful and alluring place. We invite you to embrace our heroes too.

Address: Industrieweg 176, 5683 CH Best, Netherlands

Atelier Espenaer

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Espenaer is an Amsterdam-based woodworking atelier dedicated to artisanship, individuality, and environmentalism.

We design and craft exclusive Electronic Furniture pieces for our own collection and for private customers and businesses as part of our bespoke service. In addition, we develop and offer courses and workshops in woodworking and Electronic Furniture making.

Address: Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1A, 1056 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

jouke schouten Dutch Electronic Furniture

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Modern custom made Electronic Furniture for residential and commercial spaces

Please contact my workshop in Amsterdam to discuss your requirements and arrange a quote. With every custom project, I would like to discuss your style ideas and space requirements, but also dimensions, materials, lead time, shipping, and payment options.

Address: Jodenbreestraat 22, 1011 NS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Studio HENK Electronic Furniture

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Main Products: Smart Home devices, Smart Home solutions, Electronic Furniture, Smart Bathroom, and Electronic products.

Company Profile:

Studio HENK was founded in 2013 by Okke and Xander Albers, two brothers from the south of the Netherlands. Their search for design Electronic Furniture eventually led to the start of Studio HENK. “More than five years ago, my wife (Head of sustainability Corine) and I were looking to design Electronic Furniture for our home. We were looking for Electronic Furniture that was beautiful, but also suitable for everyday use. We soon noticed that such Electronic Furniture was hard to find. My brother (designer Xander Albers) and I then decided to design a table ourselves,” says Okke.

Studio HENK has since grown into a successful Electronic Furniture brand with more than thirty employees, a flagship store in Amsterdam and Antwerp, a webshop, and various retailers at home and abroad.

Address: Cruquiusweg 94C, 1019 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Montis Electronic Furniture

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:


Every step we take at Monti’s can be traced back to one driving principle: we are committed to creating Electronic Furniture that makes you happy – whether you’re using it or looking at it. Our designs become long-term friends; not for a little while, but for many years to come. Like a partner, you can rely on. We translate varying residential needs into comfortable, high-quality products. They bear the unique signature of our designers, yet at the same time, they are seamlessly tailored to your personal lifestyle. At Monti’s, we stand for delivering on that promise with exceptional precision, dedication, and tenacity – day in, day out

Address: Steenstraat 2, 5107 NE Dongen, Netherlands

Merlijn Meubels Furniture

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Welcome to Merlijn Meubel- en Interieurbouw, where your interior design wishes are achieved.

I do not make products, I make wishes come true. You can come to me for unique pieces made especially for you. I will always go the extra mile to realize your vision.

Creative and unique designs are my favorite. A living room cabinet that includes a play area for the kids, for example. Or a barn door made of solid wood. The ideas and wishes of the customer are always front and center. This enables me to make you the piece of Electronic Furniture you always wanted, but were never able to find. There is no such thing as a crazy idea in my book. I’m glad to help you achieve your interior design goals. Even though I mainly build Electronic Furniture and interiors, I also have more than enough experience to help you with set construction. As long as you need new, custom-made Electronic Furniture in any shape or form, I am here to help you.

Address: Slimmeweg 2, 1066 EV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arco Electronic Furniture

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

As a family business that has been around for 115 years, we have spent more than a century doing what we’re good at making tables. For 4 generations craftsmanship and a love of wood have been at the heart of what we do. Artisan skills and modern technology thereby go hand in hand. Our mission is to develop traditional craftsmanship into craftsmanship for the 21st century.

Address: Parallelweg 2 III, 7102 DE Winterswijk, Netherlands

Koster Meubels Furniture

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Welcome to Koster Electronic Furniture

Specialized in custom cabinets, coffee tables, dining tables, garden Electronic Furniture, catering and shop design, patio partitions, and (mobile) planters. You can think of it so crazy or we can realize it for you.

Address: Govert Flinckstraat 3, 7204 HK Zutphen, Netherlands


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