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The Wooden Chopping Board Company

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

I started the company back in 2017 as a hobby. To start with it was just me making stuff literally in the shed at the bottom of the garden, and look where we are now! That said, we still operate a fairly narrow product range, and I’d prefer that we do a few things well rather than a lot of things that are mediocre. I’m also pleased to be able to say that sustainability is still in all of our decision-making, whether it is supply chain performance, zero waste, aiming to be plastic-free or offsetting carbon from our business.

Address: Unit 10 Hammond Business Centre, Hammond Cl, Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate, Nuneaton CV11 6RY, United Kingdom

Row & Sons Cutting Boards

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

In 1972 Rowplas high-density polyethylene cutting boards were first offered into the market and soon became a major part of the business. Today Row & Sons continue to work with both specialist hardwood and polyethylene.

Our staff is a mix of youth and experience. Many have spent more than twenty years working for Row & Sons and take great pride in producing the highest quality product for which we are known.

As the leading manufacturer of “Professional Food Cutting Surfaces” in the United Kingdom, Row & Sons Ltd is continually striving to improve. Let us help you by supplying only the best.

Address: Block 6, Riverside Ave W, Lawford, Manningtree CO11 1UN, United Kingdom

Kitchenknives Cutting Board

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

If you are investing in a fabulous knife then you should be looking after it by investing in a good chopping board. Picking a chopping board is actually easier than you think, buy wooden end grain boards. The edge on your knife is extremely thin and prone to damage if it is pressed up against anything too hard. So when choosing a chopping board you want one that has some “give” in it that the blade can press into easily.

Address: 39 Connaught Street Connaught Village, Hyde Park London W2 2AZ, United Kingdom

Chopping Board Services

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

We are a leading chopping board supplier in the UK. Award-winning Chopping Board Services developed in-house and pioneered dedicated chopping board resurfacing for commercial color-coded catering chopping boards early in 2009, resurfacing and reconditioning polyethylene chopping boards, blocks, and countertops, reducing our customer’s costs, waste, and environmental impact, all while keeping the WHO happy! – using specially developed precision equipment giving amazing results time after time.

Address: 16d Castle St, Lisburn BT27 4XD, United Kingdom

The Chopping Block Shop

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Welcome to The Chopping Block Shop. Based in the Cotswolds, we design and hand build high-quality chopping boards and blocks from a variety of hardwoods.

Feel free to browse our collections, or get in touch if you would like something unique created just for you.

Address: Walnut Tree Barn, Malmesbury SN16 9SL, United Kingdom

A & A Plastics Chopping Boards

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Aplas plastic chopping boards are made in Bridgend, South Wales from arguably the best quality HMW500 polyethylene and have been used in the food industry for many years. An industrial-grade plastic with exceptional wear properties it is rigid, smooth, and non-porous and the material of choice for meat and poultry processors.

We make color-coded food preparation boards designed for high-frequency use in the commercial kitchens of Hotels, restaurants, and cafes in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes to suit all applications.

Address: 1 Attlee St, Brynmenyn Industrial Estate, Brynmenyn, Bridgend CF32 9TQ, United Kingdom

LFM Solid Chopping Boards

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

These skillfully handcrafted chopping boards are made from Corian® which is the same material used to make kitchen worktops. Unlike wooden boards, these boards are nonporous, acrylic, and have a solid surface that is easy to clean and dishwasher proof!

Address: 31-33 Sun St, St Nicholas Arcades, Lancaster LA1 1EW, United Kingdom

The Oak Chopping Board Co

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Since 2010, we have been hand-making wooden chopping boards from prime English and European oak in our West Sussex workshop. Our chopping boards can be engraved with almost endless possibilities to accommodate a personalized message, name, motif, or cipher, and even a “secret” message engraved underneath the board. We offer a wide range of sizes, styles, and options, and since every board we make is bespoke, it will provide the recipient with a totally unique gift that will be both admired and last for many years.

Address: Furze Products 10 Furzefield Close Angmering Littlehampton West Sussex BN16 4LS United Kingdom

Joseph Folio Chopping Board

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

Our chopping boards themselves are uniformly sized and performed well, their corner ‘feet’ gripping worktops with food items held in place thanks to a subtly textured surface. Choose from regular (20x30cm) or large (24x34cm).

There’s space for air to circulate around each chopping board too, so it’s a great way to keep boards dry and hygienic once out of the dishwasher – they came out looking good as new.

Address: Malmesbury SN16 9SL, United Kingdom

Smidge Slice chopping board

Company Style :Wholesale,customize,manufacturer,factory,supplier,export.

Company Profile:

The Smidge Slice chopping board is made from recycled sustainably sourced salvaged paper. Kinder on your knives. Paper fiber chopping boards won’t be blunt like plastic boards. Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, unlike traditional wood boards. Oven safe up to 240°C. Rubber feet for security when cutting & chopping.

Address: Riverside Ave W, Lawford, Manningtree CO11 1UN, United Kingdom


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