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You can’t go to a public restroom or other establishments that prioritize cleanliness these days without seeing at least one soap dispenser. Using a liquid soap dispenser is not only more practical but also more economical. The kitchen is another excellent spot to put a hand soap dispenser for that final touch after cleaning. In healthcare facilities and public restrooms, automatic soap dispensers help prevent the spread of germs from dirty soap bars.

Sensors in wall-mounted automatic soap dispensers detect when a user’s hands are near the nozzle, dispensing the soap without needing manual intervention. This system makes hand washing more hygienic and secure and improves the restroom’s decor. Here, we take a look at the Gojo soap dispenser.

Can Gojo Soap Dispenser Be Refilled?

Once the liquid soap in a Gojo soap dispenser has been used, the refill can be replaced. It’s not possible to replenish every Gojo dispenser. You’ll need to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to replenish your supply of liquid Gojo, as the new dispensers don’t come with refills.

The dispenser refill doesn’t require unique skills; thus, anyone can do it. If you use a Gojo soap dispenser and run out of soap, you can buy a replacement refill from a trusted retailer and continue using your existing one.

When Does Gojo Soap Dispenser Need A Refill?

In the case of a Gojo soap dispenser, it’s easy to tell when it’s time to restock the supply, making them ideal for household use. However, if the soap dispenser is used in a high-traffic area like an office, it may not be watched as closely.

If no one keeps an eye on the soap dispenser, the supply could run out unexpectedly, leaving the workplace without liquid hand soap for a few hours or days.

Until all the Gojo soap dispensers are replaced, nobody will be able to clean or wash their hands.

If you use a Gojo dispenser, you’ll know it’s time for a replacement when you start noticing it isn’t dispensing the product as it should.

When the liquid soap in an automatic Gojo dispenser runs low, the light may flash red to alert the user.

Fixing a Malfunctioning Gojo Soap Dispenser

The Gojo soap dispenser could stop functioning for a handful of different causes. The fact that you are experiencing this indicates that the following are the most likely explanations for why it is not working:

● Low Battery

All Gojo soap dispensers rely on battery power and are not wired for use.

As the batteries in the soap dispenser run down, the dispenser’s strength and the amount of soap it pours will suffer.

However, the Gojo soap dispenser will not function if the batteries are entirely dead, making it appear like it was never equipped with batteries.

Many people hang their new soap dispensers on the wall the day they are delivered and then forget to check to see if they need new batteries.

Gojo made sure their soap dispenser wouldn’t go unnoticed. The battery and soap refill bag for the Gojo dispenser is designed to work with one another.

Whenever your Gojo soap dispenser stops working, and you haven’t used it in a while, the first thing you should check is the battery.

How Do I Change the Battery in My Gojo Soap Dispenser?

If the battery in your soap dispenser is low, all you have to do to fix the problem is swap it out with a new, high-quality battery.

You should look for a battery that will last several months, not just a few weeks.

D cell alkaline batteries, like the kind sold on Amazon, work best in Gojo soap dispensers.

When installing new batteries, remove the old ones and slide them into place.

● Empty Soap Bag

You may keep the liquid soap in the Gojo soap dispenser’s refill bag for easy access and then use the dispenser to dispense different foaming soap whenever you need it.

Now, after prolonged and regular use, the soap refill bag of a Gojo soap dispenser should run out.

Though the soap inside the dispenser may last for quite some time under normal circumstances, in a busy workplace or public restroom, it may run out in a fraction of the time.

When the soap bag is empty, you’ll need to buy a new bag of soap refills to use in its stead.

Selecting the proper soap for your Gojo soap dispenser is essential to ensuring the proper functioning of your dispenser.

Gojo refill bags are available in a wide variety of colors and scents. Select whichever suits your fancy; make sure it fits in your Gojo dispenser.

After purchasing a new soap refill bag, all required to get your dispenser back in working order is to open the hand soap dispenser, remove the empty soap bag, and insert the new refill.

● Improper Installation

Incorrect installation is another potential cause of your Gojo soap dispenser not working.

Perhaps it was installed by someone with the proper expertise or by someone who did not know what they were doing, which is why it is not functioning correctly.

While setting up a Gojo soap dispenser isn’t particularly difficult, some forethought is still required.

The soap dispenser won’t work if it’s not installed correctly. It is necessary to set up your dispenser correctly for it to function.

You might wonder how this is even possible, but I’ll explain it in detail.

To begin, open the Gojo soap dispenser, which I covered in detail in an article. Open it up, check the refill soap bag, and then replace it in the dispenser properly.

One alternative is to take apart the soap dispenser and then reassemble the parts in the correct order.

The soap dispenser should begin dispensing once it has been reassembled and mounted on the wall.

● Clogged

Another thing that might go wrong with a Gojo soap dispenser that often goes unnoticed is that it can get blocked after some time.

Long periods of inactivity can cause soap dispensers to become clogged. In such a condition, mold might develop in the soap outlet, preventing the soap from being released.

As with foam, other debris can accumulate in the dispenser’s outlet and prevent it from dispensing any substance.

If you haven’t used it in a while, you may be experiencing a clogging problem with your Gojo soap dispenser.

If your soap dispenser is clogged, you can unscrew it, remove the parts, and clean them in order with antiseptic.

You can also try cleaning it using a slender metallic device like a broom to probe into the soap outlet and see if you can dislodge whatever is blocking it.

● Broken

Soap dispensers by Gojo are often wall-mounted, so if you mess up the installation, the dispenser could crash to the floor.

The object can also be knocked to the floor if a passing person accidentally hits it. I mean that if the Gojo dispenser were to drop to the floor, it might damage a component and become inoperable.

When a soap dispenser breaks, the only solution is to get a new one. Repairing a broken dispenser is a gamble, and there’s a good possibility it won’t work as well as before.

Instead of trying to fix it, get a new one.

Gojo Soap Dispenser Blinking Or Flashing Light

Soap dispensers by Gojo are equipped with a led that alerts the user when the device is broken. To indicate an issue, this LED can flash either red or green.

A Gojo soap dispenser with an LED light is an exception to the rule; if you chance to own one, I’ll explain what the various blinking and flashing lights represent.

● Red Light

The Gojo soap dispenser has a blinking red light to alert the user when it needs to be refilled. There are two possible causes: either the refill is empty or not fitted properly.

In either case, the soap dispenser’s warning light will flash red.

If your dispenser has an indicator light but not a led, you should get it fixed.

To stop the red light from flashing on a Gojo soap dispenser, check the refill bag to see if it was inserted improperly or needs to be replaced.

● Green Light

A Gojo soap dispenser with a blinking or flashing green light shows that the soap refill bag has been properly inserted.

Soap dispensers are safe to use when their status lights are showing green.

You have done so, assuming you could adjust your dispenser so that it no longer blinks red and instead displays green.

Again, not all Gojo soap dispensers come with an indicator light, and the ones that do are typically more modern models.

A green light indicates everything is in order, whereas a red light means something is amiss.

Does the Gojo Soap Dispenser Work with Any Soap?

I’m not the only one who has wondered if only Gojo soap will work in their dispensers. The bags used in the Gojo soap dispenser are incompatible with any other brand.

Each type of dispenser calls for a unique style of refill bag. Due to the construction of the refill bag, any old soap won’t fit into a Gojo soap dispenser.

To use a different liquid soap with a Gojo dispenser, you would have to figure out how to replace the liquid soap in a Gojo refill bag with the liquid soap of your choice.

There is a common misconception that any liquid soap can be used in Gojo’s refill bag, but in reality, it is not. To use your dispenser again, you’ll need to buy a new refill liquid soap bag that is compatible with it.


A Gojo soap dispenser is a valuable appliance for any setting. Protecting one’s hands is a top priority; hence this dispenser is an absolute must. We intend for this essay to be helpful, and we pray it has been.

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