Muji Aroma diffuser

Have you thought about which diffusers will work best in your house? Since ultrasonic diffusers are so simple to operate, they are the most popular choice. More mist is produced after each refill than with most other types of essential oil diffusers. Here begins my examination of the Muji diffuser. After reading this, you’ll have a firm grasp on whether or not the Muji unit is the optimal purchase for your household. Because it’s on the pricier side, it warrants careful inspection.

Here I will go through the main features of the Muji diffuser, the benefits and drawbacks of owning one, and give you my overall opinion on the product.

Muji Aroma Diffusers

Muji Aroma Diffusers

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The Muji diffuser’s high output should be your first priority when deciding between several types of diffusers. The Muji diffuser is superior to other ultrasonic diffusers in its ability to fill a space with fragrance effectively. Other diffusers have a lower output. In addition to this, it increases the humidity more quickly and efficiently. The large Muji unit produces an average of 90–100 ml/hour, which is significantly more than the production of the vast majority of other diffusers.

Because it has such a high output, the Muji diffuser can constantly operate for three hours at a time. There are undoubtedly superior choices available if you are the type who likes to sleep with a diffuser that operates continuously throughout the night.

Outside of Japan, there is no guarantee or warranty issued. There is no room for misunderstanding: production of this luxury diffuser takes place in China, but most of its market is in Japan. Even though most customer reviews are excellent, you should be aware of this information before purchasing a Muji diffuser.

Muji Small vs. Large: The primary distinction lies in the larger unit’s increased output rate. These diffusers have a maximum operating time of three hours, but the large unit produces three times as much mist during that time as the smaller unit (300 ml as opposed to 100 ml). Additionally, the smaller device is probably preferable for usage on a nightstand that has a limited amount of space. These devices emit the same comfortable yellow light and are constructed using the same components.

Pros And Cons of Muji Aroma Diffusers

Would you recommend Muji diffusers to a friend? I’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages down below:


  • One of the diffusers whose operation is among the simplest available on the market today
  • Due to the rapid rate at which it produces a mist, it is an effective essential oil diffuser for usage in expansive spaces.
  • It can rapidly increase the humidity level in any room that is up to 250 square feet in size.
  • Its fragrance is stronger than what is provided by the majority of ultrasonic essential oil diffusers on the market today.
  • The style is understated and sophisticated, making it suitable for a wide variety of interior settings
  • Every component can be removed, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.
  • It is possible to use the light as a nightlight because it runs independently from the diffuser
  • The units come with a small measuring cup that can be used to fill the reservoir, making them even simpler to operate.
  • Almost inaudible operation
  • Compared to diffusers sold by competing brands at lower prices, those sold by Muji are superior in terms of construction quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • People who live in dry climates should take this advice very seriously.
  • An excellent option for large meeting rooms and other types of workplace environments


  • Similar units have reportedly been sold for a much lower price.
  • There’s a chance the instructions are in Japanese. If so, use the Scan function on Google Translate to convert them into English easily; you won’t believe how easy it is to translate nearly any language.
  • Playing time is limited to a maximum of three hours, which may not be long enough for you
  • Numerous reports of an annoying gurgling sound originate from a select number of devices.
  • Unfortunately, the remote control is not included in the asking price.

The high price tag for customers in the United States may be because Muji is such a well-known brand in Japan. The number of reports stating that the diffusers are not worth the money is the most significant disadvantage of this unit, and it is also the thing that stands out to me the most. Bear in mind that these diffusers are composed of plastic, provide only restricted intervals (no lengthy intervals), do not come with a warranty for customers in the United States, and do not come with remote control.

Diffusers in the same price range as the one I’m looking at are manufactured with nicer materials, and some of them come with remote controls. When taking into account the cost of this item, its construction should not be constructed of plastic. Diffusers made of porcelain and wood, both of which come with guarantees, can be purchased for comparable rates. There is a considerable probability that you will be one of the individuals who believe that the unit is priced too high. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the Muji brand and do not have a strong affinity for it.

However, the Muji diffuser is unquestionably superior compared to the vast majority of plastic ultrasonic diffusers. Because of its dependability and high output rate, this diffuser is an excellent choice for usage in exceptionally spacious spaces. Suppose you have young children in the house or simply want to eliminate the possibility of shattering a porcelain unit entirely. In that case, you could find that a plastic unit is more suitable.

Muji is undeniably one of the most effective plastic diffusers available. Before you make the purchase, the most crucial thing to consider is whether or not you believe the drawbacks above outweigh the product’s benefits. Reports indicate that most people became aware of the Muji diffuser in New York and then decided to purchase one after being amazed by the device’s capabilities.

How to Use the Muji Aroma Diffuser

Before I conclude this review, I’d like to show you what the Muji diffuser looks like when it’s being used. The following video will demonstrate to you how simple it is to use this diffuser because I know that many people find the instructions in Japanese challenging to understand. Don’t forget that the Scan feature, which can be found under the Camera option in Google Translate, is free to use and does a great job translating text.

Combine The Benefits of Using It with The Essential Oil’s Ability to Heal.

Essential oils are the fragrant components that can be found in various parts of plants, including flowers, fruit skins, leaves, tree barks, and roots. It has been shown that a person’s mood may be influenced by scent and can generate an overall sense of well-being. Because of this, stimulating one’s sense of smell can help restore balance to a busy and frantic existence naturally.

The plants’ “natural scent” can mend or revive both our mind and body. To highlight the intended compatibility of each essential oil for blending, the bottle tops of Muji essential oil are adorned with three different colored seals, each corresponding to a different essential oil in the line-up. You can use an aroma diffuser for a variety of purposes in your day-to-day life, including for relaxation when reading, as an ambient décor, or even to stimulate the senses while working or studying. There are many different applications for aroma diffusers.

Final Thoughts

Is the Muji diffuser something that you feel is worth investing in? Despite the fact that it is not my first choice due to the cost, the overwhelming majority of people who own this diffuser express a strong level of satisfaction with it. There are unquestionably certain obstacles to overcome, such as the absence of a warranty. The encouraging news is that I did discover positive reports after several years of consistent use. Because shipping it back to the vendor might be higher than the cost of the diffuser itself, dealing with a warranty for an inexpensive diffuser is not fun to deal with anyway. This is because a warranty is not fun to deal with for an inexpensive diffuser.

This diffuser has a high output, a simple and elegant style inspired by Japanese culture, a user-friendly design, and warm yellow light that can be utilized even when the diffuser is turned off, which are all features that will appeal to you. If you like to make use of a softer light in the evening, then this is an essential feature for you to look for in a diffuser and it should be a key selling point for you when shopping for one. The Muji diffuser is, all things considered, a good product; however, the question of whether or not it is worth the money is open to debate.

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