How To Import the Best Aroma Diffuser From China Supplier?

Are you looking for the best wholesale/customized Aroma Diffuser supplier and manufacturer in China?

Or, you want to learn more about China’s oil aroma diffuser market.

In this guide, we will explore everything about how to import aroma diffusers from China.

Whether you want to know China’s wholesale aroma oil diffuser market, aroma diffuser manufacturers in China, or how to get the best prices – all information you’re looking for is right here.

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Why should you Import Aroma Diffusers from China?

China’s Aroma Diffuser industry has risen over the past years, making it among the top manufacturers in the market worldwide.

The industry has significantly invested in manufacturing technology and pieces of training.

The workforce has perfected skills in the production of durable and high-quality Aroma Diffuser.

Some of the reasons why you should import Aroma Diffusers from China are:

a. Uniqueness: Manufacturers in China produce Aroma Diffusers that are of their designs, in most cases, not like any other Aroma Diffuser in the world.

b. Price: most Aroma Diffusers manufactured in China are relatively affordable.

c. Quality: manufacturers in China have highly skilled personnel and make high-quality Aroma Diffusers that last for long periods.

d. Quantity: most of the manufacturers in China sell in bulk. they also support samples and retail orders for wholesalers or new startup companies.

The Aroma Diffusers manufacturers industry in China is massive and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.

e. Variety to choose from: they provide an extensive range of Aroma Diffusers where one can choose from and select that design that suits their preferences.

f. Infrastructure: China manufacturers have excellent logistics infrastructure and can ship products to all corners of the world.

g. Payment: It is easy to pay for your goods using online banking systems established, and you are also able to track your order shipment.

Is Importing Aroma Diffusers from China Profitable?

Yes, importing aroma diffusers from China is profitable.

Herewith are some reasons :

A: Cheap labor is used in the production of aroma diffusers bringing the prices of aroma diffusers down.

B: There is available skilled labor for the production of aroma diffusers.

C: The Chines government supports the Electronic industry in a big way.

D: There is a readily capital base for production that ensures aroma diffuser prices remain low.

E: There is the availability of cheap raw materials for making the aroma diffusers, ensuring prices remain low.

F: The supply chain ecosystem is well established, making logistics cheap and affordable.

G: There is healthy competition between suppliers and manufacturers.

How Much Does Aroma Diffuser from China Cost?

Aroma Diffusers from China range in price depending on the quality, quantity, and Materials of the Aroma Diffusers

Customization and branding also affect the overall cost of the clothes.

Your MOQ, FOB Port, and lead time will also determine the prices of the Aroma Diffusers you buy from China.

Depending on the above factors, prices may range from US$ 6 TO US$ 25/ Piece.

If you have any questions on aroma diffuser price or any designs, welcome to send us an inquiry to get a free quote.

How do you find the Best Prices when Importing Aroma Diffusers from China?

To get the best China prices when importing Aroma Diffusers from China, you can use the following tactics:

  • buying bulk Orders or Customizing your mass order.
  • Buying directly from the manufacturer’s factory
  • Buying Current Popular aroma diffuser, which supplier already has a lower cost than the first production time.
  • Familiarize yourself with the import rules of your country to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Be aware of the taxes you need to pay in China.
  • Get the necessary licenses to import Aroma Diffusersto to avoid costs as a result of fines.
  • Look out for the right supplier and manufacturer to save on switching costs or breach of the Contract.
  • Check the minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.
  • Check the shipping charges and if drop shipping is available.
  • Always ask for sample pieces to avoid buying items that you cannot sell and recoup your money
  • opt for an agent to guide you on the best prices around.
  • Buy insurance for safety, especially in importing from China.

Which Types of Aroma Diffusers can you Import from China?

You can import any Aroma Diffuser or Humidifier you might need from China.

Some of the Aroma Diffusers you can import from China include but are not limited to;

Aroma Diffuser type by Functions:

  1. USB Aroma Diffuser
  2. App control Aroma Diffuser
  3. Colorful Aroma Diffuser
  4. Night Light Aroma Diffuser
  5. Pure Oil Aroma Diffuser
  6. Mist Aroma Diffuser
  7. Ultrasonic aroma diffuser
  8. Humidifiers

Aroma Diffuser Capacity:

  1. 50ML  Aroma Diffuser
  2. 80ML  Aroma Diffuser
  3. 100ML  Aroma Diffuser
  4. 120ML Aroma Diffuser
  5. 150ML Aroma Diffuser
  6. 200ML Aroma Diffuser
  7. 300ML Aroma Diffuser
  8. 400ML Aroma Diffuser
  9. 600ML Aroma Diffuser
  10. 800ML Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser Appliances:

  1. Bedroom Aroma Diffuser
  2. Spa Aroma Diffuser
  3. Car Aroma Diffuser
  4. Beauty Aroma Diffuser

We can provide you with over 200 designs of aroma diffusers.

Whoelsale aroma diffuser supplier

How Big is China Aroma Diffusers Wholesale Market?

China’s Aroma Diffusers wholesale market is so big that the Aroma Diffusers factories are located at different addresses according to the different types of Aroma Diffusers they produced.

You must research and have a list of the Aroma Diffusers manufacturers and the appropriate market before purchasing the Aroma Diffusers.

China wholesale markets are the biggest in the world, both in physical locations and online.

China’s Electronics and Aroma Diffuser exports account for more than the world’s 55% of total production.

It shows the size and impacts of China’s strength in the Electronics trade.

The Chinese can be found in every sector of the Electronics industry.

China deals with every process of electronic products from the acquisition of raw materials to the shipment of the final product to the market.

How many Duties/Taxes will you Pay to Import Aroma Diffusers from China?

The taxes and import duties in China are manageable, thus encouraging people to import more from China.

VAT on imported goods in China varies from 9% to 13%. If you have any questions, Just contact us now, and we will check for you for free.

What Problems will you Encounter when Importing Aroma Diffusers from China?

Electronics are one of China’s most important exports and imports.

Importing from China might be a hustle because you will not know how to choose Aroma Diffusers.

Some of the problems that you may encounter when importing Aroma Diffusers from China include:

  • Compliance and safety issues: different countries require different standards for imported Aroma Diffusers.
  • Commodity inspection required by China customs: when importing from China, you will need to do a commodity inspection.
  • The problem of design infringement: you may encounter design infringement when manufacturers use brand names and logos without the required authorization.
  • Shipping: the most popular and economical way to import goods from China is through sea shipping. It takes 20-30days.
  • If you are ordering samples or small orders, you can use shipment by Express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX,….) Or By Air. It takes 5-10days. It cost more than By Sea.

What is the MOQ when Importing Aroma Diffusers from China?

Yes, most aroma diffuser suppliers or manufacturers in China require that you order using a minimum order quantity popularly known as MOQ.

The minimum order quantity will depend on the manufacturers’ analysis, and there is no maximum MOQ.

When determining MOQ for your Aroma Diffusers, you should consider the following:

  1. Transportation costs: consider the cost of transporting your order from the manufacturer before meeting the manufacturer’s MOQ.
  2. Margins: what are your profit margins? It should be considered before placing the order for your Aroma Diffusersbusiness.
  3. Manufacturer’s profit: you should put the manufacturer’s profit into consideration; If you import an aroma diffuser from China, it’s the best price in other countries. Chinese aroma diffuser suppliers have sold worldwide in past years.
  4. Turnover time: determining how many deliveries will be made per hour.
  5. Finally, the manufacturer will then calculate and set the MOQ.

Why do you need Samples before Importing Aroma Diffusers from China?

Some of the key reasons why you need samples before importing include:

  • To test your product design: you need to test the Aroma Diffusersto ascertain that they meet the right specifications.
  • Injection molds and tooling: Aroma Diffuserssamples are essential as they will grant you a go-ahead to the next process of meeting customers’ needs.
  • Quality: Aroma Diffuserssamples will help you assure your customers that the Aroma Diffusers you will be importing will be of the quality they desire.
  • Supplier testing: samples help prove that the supplier can deliver the exact right Aroma Diffusersyou desire. You should never take a supplier who provides models for granted.

At, If you don’t like our current aroma diffuser designs, or you want to check your current design which is imported from china before. Just send us the photos, and we can check our cost for free.

we help you import Aroma Diffusers from China by handling all logistics for you as an extra service. Whether you want free China warehousing, shipping container, or customs clearance, Mraz will handle everything at competitive rates.

So, if you want to save on time and money, Mraz is here to help you – contact us now.

Is Importing Aroma Diffusers from China Good for Small Businesses?

Yes, importing Aroma Diffusers from China for small businesses is good due to the following reasons:

  • The wages in China are relatively cheaper, which means you will get the final products reasonably.
  • In China, materials for making Aroma Diffusers are more accessible.
  • You will get perfect Aroma Diffusersas the Chines are experts at designing their products.
  • You can get a consistent supply of Aroma Diffusers for sale as the Chinese are excellent, refined, and organized at producing on a large scale.
  • You can get the aroma diffuser at a fast delivery time.

How do you Pay Aroma Diffusers Suppliers in China?

There are many ways you can pay for Aroma Diffusers suppliers in China.

Chinese suppliers accept a wide range of payment methods.

Also, note that many manufacturers or suppliers demand you to pay a deposit before they commence production.

Then you pay the rest after they complete the output.

So, you need to be prepared to make two transactions with the manufacturers or suppliers.

Some of the payment methods include:

  1. Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.
  2. You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.
  3. You can use a broker or agency.
  4. Transfer funds via western union.
  5. You can also use PayPal.

Do Aroma Diffusers Manufacturers have a Product After-Sale Service?

Most of the Aroma Diffusers manufacturers in China have after-sale services. The aroma Diffuser guarantee period is 6-12 months, depending on designs and you can ask about this part before ordering.

In order to make your business smooth, It is prudent that you check your Aroma Diffusers before shipment and ask for samples before production.

You can also offer to pay for a product guarantee or additional packages that allow for return policies.

All in all, If you work with Mraz Team, we always provide after-sale service. Contact us now, To know more about after-sale service per order.

How do you Avoid Scams when Importing Aroma Diffusers from China?

You can avoid scams when importing Aroma Diffusers from China by:

  • Choosing the right and professional supplier who meets your needs and specifications.
  • Order the product first yourself to analyze the shipping time is taken, packaging quality, and product quality.
  • Getting a contract when you are dealing with big Aroma Diffusers
  • Reaching out to the suppliers and trying to build a relationship with them first for long-term relations. You can achieve this by visiting the manufacturing plant.
  • Asking the suppliers for samples as an assurance that the Aroma Diffusers are of your desired quality.
  • Payment Term: For mass orders, you can go with a 30% deposit in advance, and a 70% balance after Inspection with AQL standard.

Do you need a License to Import Aroma Diffusers from China?

There is no general import license for importing Aroma Diffusers from China.

However, you might require a permit from a federal agency to import certain goods from China.

Various federal agencies oversee different imported products, and thus the requirements can vary.

Therefore, when importing Aroma Diffusers from China, you should ascertain that you have met all the federal requirements.

In most cases, you will not require a license to import Aroma Diffusers from China.


What are the Quality and Certification Marks on Aroma Diffusers from China?

Some of the quality and certification marks on Aroma Diffusers from China include:

  • CCC (China Compulsory Certificate)
  • CE (Conformité Européenne) mostly for protective Electronics
  • Rohs certification
  • China Quality Certification (CQC)
  • UL Certification

How do you Ship Aroma Diffusers from China?

Aroma Diffusers that you buy from China can either be shipped by air, By Train, or by sea cargo.

Through the sea, cargo is carried by huge containers of about 20 by 40 feet.

A full cargo container holds about 2600 cubic feet.

A forty-foot box carries approximately 61000 lbs.

If you want to save costs, it is recommendable to choose bulk shipping.

If your Aroma Diffusers cargo is at least five pallets, it is better to transport it utilizing a full container load (FCL).

For smaller Aroma Diffusers cargo volumes, you should choose less than container load (L.C. L) shipping.

This method will mean that your Aroma Diffusers cargo will be with other kinds of shipments.

It is essential to have your cargo insurance.

This is because many international shipping companies have limited liability insurance for any damage that your cargo may encounter.

The insurance by the carriers will cover just a small percentage of your cargo.

For insurance assistance, you may reach out to custom brokers.

Once the Aroma Diffusers you have imported from China reach the seaport, they might be transported to avail location near you.

The Aroma Diffusers are then shipped through rail or road to your final location, your final destination.

Which Incoterms should you use when Importing Aroma Diffusers from China?

Incoterms will help you get business clarity as they define who is responsible for shipping and or insurance of goods at varying times during transit.

As a buyer, you must have information on the individuals preparing:

  • Internal delivery.
  • Shipment documents.
  • customs, etc.

Some of the incoterms that you should use when importing Aroma Diffusers from China include:


The incoterm in this category is EXW (Ex Works plus a named place).

In this term, the seller is not responsible for the costs, risks, and obligations.

The seller’s job is all done when the goods are ready at their factory.

The seller will not be even responsible for loading the Aroma Diffusers into the truck you sent to pick up the goods.

Some buyers choose this incoterm to enjoy maximum control.

 Free on Board (FOB)

FOB will allow you and the seller to do what each of you knows best.

The seller should frequently secure more competitive pricing at origin as they know their country’s requirements and processes.

As the buyer, you have access to an extensive network of vendors as you know what is required in your country.

I highly recommend using FOB as it will result in a few chances of obtaining errors.

· Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF)

In CIF, the seller assumes the risk and is the one who is responsible for purchasing insurance for the importation of your products.

CIF can only be used for sea transport.

· Free Carrier (FCA)

FCA is a very flexible term as it allows your goods to be delivered at your seller’s premises and various points located in the seller’s country.

· Cost and Freight (CFR)

In CFR, the seller will not pay for the insurance of your products. You can only use this incoterm for only shipping by sea.

· Carried Paid To (CPT)

CPT is an incoterm that you can use for all modes of transport.

· Delivered at Terminal (DAT)

DAT suggests besides a transport terminal in your country, the place where your goods are delivered may be your premises or a location nearby.

· Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

In DDP, the seller assumes all of the following duties:

  • The costs and risks of an operation.
  • All the import procedures
  • Delivery of the goods at the agreed place in your country.

· Delivered at Place (DAP)

DAP is similar to DDP only that as the buyer, you will pay for all the above responsibilities.

It’s popularly used for Amazon FBA warehouse, Shopify, or eBay sellers.


How will Mraz help you Import Aroma Diffusers from China?

When importing an Aroma diffuser from China, Mraz will help you with our trusted freight forwarder. it is crucial to work with our freight forwarder because of the following reasons:

  • Our Freight forwarders will help you move the shipment from China to your location in the most effective method.
  • Our Freight forwarders will smoothen your Aroma Diffusers’ passage through the series of processes and regulations required by different countries.
  • Our Freight forwarders are experts in the logistics process and will contract the airlines, shipping lines, or haulers on your behalf such as customs clearance
  • Our Freight forwarders will ensure that your Aroma Diffusers shipment is insured from loss or damage as they supply insurance.
  • Our Freight forwarders will also provide you with confidence to import from new markets as they will help you ship your diffusers effectively.
  • The use of freight forwarders will also grant you the ability to focus on your business and not on the complex transport and customs procedures.
  • Depending on the freight forwarder you will be using, they can provide free warehousing and shipping container

Which Documents do you need to Import Aroma Diffusers from China?

Before purchasing an aroma diffuser order from China, there are requirements that you should follow.

Be ready with all the necessary documentation required to import Aroma Diffusers from China.

The documents are to be presented to the appropriate authorities when and as required.

The following are some of the essential documents used in importing Aroma Diffusers from China:

· Commercial Invoice

This is a note to show that the exporter has paid for the goods in transit.

It is usually required at border checks to stop the flow of illegal goods.

The exporter prepares this invoice.

The commercial invoice also assists the border patrol in establishing the amount of tax to charge.

· Bill of Lading (B/L, BOL)

The bill of landing is used in detailing the type and particulars of the cargo in transit.

It states the goods’ title and requires the shipment company to take a payload to a particular location or destination.

The Bill of landing is given to you by the cargo company, and you can use it as proof of shipment for insurance companies and customs.

This document is mailed to you as the buyer to pay off the Contract.

· Packing List

A packing list is issued by the cargo company that will show you all Aroma Diffusers shipped and the packing information.

It informs all the parties involved in the importation process about the contents of the baggage.

· ProForma Invoice

The Proforma invoice gives you critical information about the shipment: the number of Aroma Diffusers shipped, the Aroma Diffusers’ features, and designs.

This invoice also contains the Aroma Diffusers’ final pricing, which helps you make the final purchasing decision.

A Proforma invoice is not a valid invoice but is viewed as an agreement between the exporter and importer.

The exporter of the Aroma Diffusers prepares it.

· Certificate of Origin

It is a document that will help you prove that the products are on transit or waiting to be transported.

A certificate of origin indicates that the cargo is wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed in the place of birth.

The exporter has the prerogative to provide this document to you.

Certificates of origin have two components, namely:

  • A non-preferential certificate of origin specifies where Aroma Diffuserswere produced.
  • Preferential certificate of origin: this will state that the goods were manufactured in a country that trades with your country of origin.

For example, when you are trading within the Commonwealth of Nations.

· Import/Export Declaration

An import/ Export declaration is a document prepared by either you or the exporter, and you will be required to submit it to the customs office.

The form of this declaration will be different depending on the requirements that should be met by the importer.

You may find the samples online for your perusal.

If you have any questions or problems with importing products from China, welcome to contact us here, and our freight forwarder will help you as their partner.

Who are the Leading Aroma Diffuser Suppliers in China?

Are you looking for the best Aroma Diffuser manufacturer in China?

Do you want to know where to custom Aroma Diffuser In China?

Which popular Aroma Diffuser manufacturers in China near me?

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Mraz Electronic Industry Factory

Shenzhen Maiteng Industry CO., LTD

Shenzhen YH Technology Company Limited

Win Best Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen JXT Household Products Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang WZ Industry Factory

Guangdong Ttan Smart Electrical Appliance

Shenzhen Beauty Electric Appliance

Maz Technology CO., LTD


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