If you’re in the process of planning your bathroom or thinking about a renovation, you may be wondering if there is an automatic hand soap dispenser or a hand soap dispenser that is better.

Both options have their pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options before making a decision.

There are many different factors to take into consideration when you’re trying to determine which option is better for your needs.

Luckily, we have the details you need to make an informed decision. Keep reading for everything you need to know about these two types of dispensers.

What Is a Hand Soap Dispenser?

A hand soap dispenser is a container you keep in the bathroom that holds liquid soap. It is meant to be used like a pump dispenser and is great for hands that are dirty. The container sits on a ledge near the sink, and a person can simply pump the container to dispense a small amount of soap. Some hand soap dispensers come with a built-in spout that makes it easier to wash your hands.

Hand soap dispensers are ideal for people who don’t use a lot of soap, or for those with limited mobility. They are often used in public restrooms to help reduce germs by limiting the amount of soap that is used.

Hand soap dispensers can be used for liquid or bar soap, though the container might need to be refilled more often if you use bars of soap. Some hand soap dispensers are designed to hold bulk bars of soap so that you don’t have to refill them too often.

Automatic Soap Dispenser: What to Know

An automatic soap dispenser contains a pump that is connected to a reservoir filled with soap. When you put your hands underneath the dispenser and push a button, soap will be dispensed on your hands. Automatic soap dispensers are great for anyone who needs to wash their hands frequently, or for people with limited mobility. Some people use automatic soap dispensers at home and in the workplace, and they are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas with high traffic. Automatic soap dispensers can be used with liquid or gel soap, and they are easier to keep clean than a standard soap pump. You can also choose from a wide range of styles and colors that will fit into most bathroom décor. Some models have a touch-free design, so you can avoid getting germs on the pump when refilling the reservoir or cleaning it.

Capacity: Hand soap dispenser VS automatic soap dispenser

The capacity of a hand soap dispenser will vary based on the model.

This implies that the capacity does not differ whether it is hand soap dispenser or an automatic soap dispenser.

Some hand soap dispensers start with a small capacity, while others have a larger capacity. It’s important to pay attention to the size of the dispenser you choose because a larger dispenser could take up a lot of space on a shared sink.

Automatic soap dispensers come in a wide range of capacity options.

You will have to pay attention to the size of the dispenser you choose, but you also want to make sure you get a model that can hold the amount of soap you need for your family or workplace.

If you use a lot of soap, it’s a good idea to get a larger capacity dispenser.

Cost:Hand soap dispenser VS automatic soap dispenser

Just from their features and attributes, you can tell which type of soap dispenser is expensive and which one is cheap.

Hand soap dispensers are generally less expensive than automatic soap dispensers.

You can find some hand soap dispensers that cost less than $10 and come with a built-in spout, but it’s possible to spend a lot of money on a hand soap dispenser that has a fancy design.

Automatic soap dispensers range in price, and the price will depend on the model you choose. Many models cost less than $40, while some high-end models can cost higher amounts of money.

Automatic soap dispensers are pricier than hand soap dispensers, but they are also more convenient and hygienic.

However, it is important to contact the manufacturers directly to inquire about the actual cost of the soap dispensers. From there, you can tell which one is cheap and which one is expensive.

Ease of using: Hand soap dispenser VS automatic soap dispenser

Hand soap dispensers are very easy to use. Simply fill the container with soap and place it on the edge of the sink.

When you need soap for your hands, simply pump the container until you have enough. Some hand soap dispensers come with a spout that makes it easier to wash your hands.

Automatic soap dispensers are also very easy to use. Simply fill the reservoir with soap, and you will have soap whenever you need it.

From a user’s point of view, we can confidently state that automatic soap dispensers are easier to use than hand soap dispensers.

The main reason for this is you only need to put your hand beneath an automatic soap dispenser and it will start dispensing soap.

However, from the owner’s point of view, you can assume that auto soap dispensers are more technical to manage than hand soap dispensers.


We can define the efficiency of a soap dispenser as the ability of this device to dispense the right amount of soap when required.

It should not dispense more or less.

So, which one is more efficient?

Well, automatic soap dispensers have the upper hand when it comes to efficiency.

Automatic soap dispensers are more efficient than hand soap dispensers.

The reason for this is that the auto soap dispenser will only dispense the required amount of soap and nothing more.

In other words, an auto soap dispenser will dispense the right amount of soap every time you need it.

Hand soap dispensers, on the other hand, may not dispense enough or too much depending on how you use them.

For example, if you push down on a hand soap dispenser to dispense some liquid, you may end up getting more than what you need or even wasting some liquid by pushing down too much.

With an automatic soap dispenser, this is not going to happen because it will measure exactly how much liquid is needed and only that much will come out of the nozzle.


Which one is more convenient to use between hand soap dispenser vs an auto soap dispenser?

This one is easy to judge. An automatic soap dispenser is definitely more convenient to use.

When you need to wash your hands, you can just walk up to the dispenser and press a button.

The soap will come out right away.

You don’t have to wait for your hands to get wet or touch anything dirty or contaminated.

Auto soap dispensers are also more convenient because they are designed in ways that make them easier to use than hand soap dispensers.

Some automatic soap dispensers have a button that is sensitive enough so that it can detect when you are in front of it and start working even before you push the button.

So, if you get close enough to these types of automatic soap dispensers, they will automatically start working without requiring any intervention on your part.

This is not possible with hand soap dispensers because they always require someone to push on the lever for them to work.

Hygiene and sanitation

When we look into deeper aspects of these soap dispensers, it is easy to conclude that auto soap dispensers will help you to stay sanitized.

They are better in this field than the hand soap dispenser.

An automatic soap dispenser eliminates chances of cross-contamination as compared to manual soap dispensers.

This is achievable since you will not have to touch any part of the dispenser.

Simply position your arms at the perfect point and get the soap!


The difference between hand vs automatic soap dispensers may also boil down to the maintenance aspect.

But, again, it may not be that easy to judge. Not unless you deeply analyze various aspects of soap dispenser maintenance.

Hand soap dispensers are easy to maintain since they don’t have complex or complicated parts.

On the other hand, the fact that they are constantly subjected to pull and push actions means that they are vulnerable to physical damage.

So, you are likely to deal with more maintenance activities than with the automatic soap dispenser.

On the other hand, automatic soap dispensers will always look complex or sophisticated.

This may end up complicating the maintenance aspects of these dispensers. Especially when one gets damaged and you don’t know where to get the spare parts.

On the brighter side, there is minimal physical contact between the user and the dispenser.

This means there will be no chance of the dispenser getting damaged.

Which type is good for public use?

If you have a public function or you are running a public institution, then it is advisable to buy an automatic soap dispenser.

It has tons of benefits that will work perfectly for such a setting.

For instance, it eliminates the chance of cross-contamination due to the constant handling of the dispenser.

Also, you cannot ignore the convenience that comes with using an automatic dispenser by many people.

Pros of an Automatic Soap Dispenser

– Convenient: The best thing about automatic soap dispensers is that they are convenient. Just imagine

– Hygienic: Automatic soap dispensers prevent cross-contamination. This is because they have a locking mechanism to ensure only one hand touches the dispenser at any given time. This ensures that the dispenser is kept clean.

– No wastage: With a manual soap dispenser, you may find yourself pumping more than you need to. This results in the wastage of soap. Automatic dispensers come with a locking mechanism that ensures only one hand touches the dispenser at any given time.

– Easy installation: Automatic soap dispensers are easy to install, as they do not require much wiring and plumbing. They are also easy to maintain, which means you will not have to call a plumber every now and then.

– Soap consistency: The automatic soap dispensers come with different settings for different types of soaps. They usually dispense extra thick soaps as well as gel soaps, which other dispensers will not do well with.

Cons of automatic soap dispenser

-Expensive to buy: Automatic soap dispensers, like other electronic devices, are quite expensive.

-Requires maintenance: Automatic dispensers usually require some level of maintenance. This can be a bit annoying especially if you have to do it every now and then.

-No manual override: In case of a power outage, you will not be able to dispense soap from the dispenser manually. You would have to wait for power to come back on before the dispenser works again.

Pros of hand soap dispensers

Key advantages of hand soap dispensers include:

-Low cost: Hand soap dispensers are much cheaper to install than automatic soap dispensers. They do not require much plumbing and wiring, which makes them easier to install.

-Easy to maintain: Hand soap dispensers are easy to maintain and repair. They do not have any complicated parts, and you can repair them easily at home.

-No need for power: If the hand soap dispenser runs on batteries, you do not have to worry about a power outage. You can still use your hand soap dispenser even when there is no power available.

-Hygienic: Hand soap dispensers usually dispense smaller amounts of liquid, so it is always fresh. It will not drip down the sink or leave any residue behind on the sink either.

Cons of hand soap dispensers

-Risk of contamination: Hand soap dispensers are not as hygienic as automatic soap dispensers. You can contaminate the liquid inside and cause health problems, especially if you have a lot of children in your house.

-Aesthetics: Some people do not like hand soap dispensers because they are usually ugly and unattractive compared to automatic hand soap dispensers. They do not blend in well with modern bathroom design either.

Which soap dispenser should I buy? Automatic vs hand soap dispenser?

From this deep comparison, it is easy to conclude which one to buy. First, analyze your needs. From there, you will be able to tell the right soap dispenser for you.

And when it comes to buying, ensure that you choose the best automatic soap dispenser manufacturer.


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